Friday, April 18, 2014

p e r s o n a l m e s s a g e

i promised some very nice anon to update my blog today. and asking me to update my blog is one of the most effective ways to make me write more here.


Personal message are the first and only guys in my life whose "pictures with words" artworks i really like and appreciate. truth is, i was surprised to realise how many artworks i downloaded while scrolling backwards through their blog. 

because, usually pictures with words on them...

...are never any good.

but these guys are completely different. they're funny, they're witty, they're sarcastic, and they never want to teach you how to live. they just make you feel things.

these are my absolute favorites:

p.s. i and M are on holidays in japan (M didn't want to miss cherry blossom + we had to pick up 80kg of our stuff from our friends and transport it to new zealand somehow), so if you want pictures, you're always welcome to my tumblr / instagram.

have a nice day/weekend/spring/life you all! (❁ ˘ ◡ ˘ ❁)*✲゚* 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

l ' a t e l i e r a u t o p o r t r a i t

The self-portrait workshop week ended on March 21, and on March 25 there was an exhibition in our art school where we could invite our relatives/friends or whoever else to show them what we've achieved.
"Or.. not." 
said the curator and the students started to laugh nervously. The same happened when he said that he would give us knives when we were done.
"I meant, you'll have to accurately cut away all the unused space!"
During the workshop week we were required to work in the studios at least 7 hours a day, however, the doors were opened from 8 am till 10 pm. We weren't allowed to bring our works home or take a day off. And we must work in acrylic paint. The deadline was on Friday 12am. So, at the end we had to show the curators our at-least-30-hours-of-work self-portraits, and the least important requirement was... alikeness. So, the whole thing had actually nothing to do with drawing a self-portrait after all. Instead, we were tested on how well we can scale/grid a picture and mix colors:
Students had to scale a small photographic source to a larger format (aprox 90x120cm) using a specific 88-square grid to create a minimum of 352 spaces. Each required a minimum of two colours; at least 704 colour mixes overall.

It's funny how the text in the invitation said "the paintings of the Fauves were referenced". However, we still couldn't really work in fine fauvism, because as long as the grid wasn't clearly seen it meant that you would fail. Instead, they showed us an hour-long presentation which consisted exclusively of Chuck Close's works + the works of students from previous years. I didn't like this Chuck Close and it made me quite upset that he had to be our major source of inspiration. I still hoped that I could do whatever I want as long as it was up to all the colour mixing requirements. Then, the two of the curators showed up and started asking me not to forget about the grid, while I was working on my beanie in fine pointillism, the father of the fauvism! *Nope. Grid it.* And did I grid it. When the work was almost finished I drew a thin black almost invisible grid over it.
"It's look.. weird now. What do you want to do with it next?" 
"Err.. Nothing? Should I do something else?" 
"... Well, technically it's a grid, so.. I think, you are fine." 
"Yay, thank you!"

A little victory :) Because I liked what I was doing, and I saw that other people liked it too, students were coming to me telling nice things several times a day everyday (they still come!) which meant (means) a lot to me, really a lot.

Oh, I remembered a story (sorry!^_^): I was drawing in the same room with these two ~yo fuck man~ guys who never used headphones while listening to their ~music~ at school. But this time, they turned it SO loud, I couldn't stay in the room any longer. So, I just went out and sat on the floor to calm down and read a book for a while. And a teacher, v cute and V energetic woman, saw me and got worried. The boys turned the music off (without feeling uncomfortable to turn it on again the next day though), and I returned to the studio (I didn't ask the lady anything, it's just one of those boys was accidentally passing by while i was explaining to her why I'm not in the studio drawing).

Later, she came to me, asked if everything was alright, complimented my work, asked where I was from/where I studied before etc, and then she introduced me to the whole studio and even jokingly asked a girl if she said "hi" to me that day. Ha haa killmethatwassoemberrassing. But she is such a lovely lady!

When we came to the exhibition we saw my self-portrait hanging among the selected works! ^__^ Ahh, I love my/not-even-my teachers and [some of the] students from my college so much I want to lie down on its floor in a star position pretending  I'm hugging it.

P.S. Here are my favorite portraits from the selected works + mine in the end:

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jean-Luc Godard makes me upset?

I looked through my imdb watchlist and picked up a film. Boyfriend agreed to watch it with me and downloaded the film. There are two reasons why I chose Pierrot le Fou (1965):
  • I've never seen a film with Anna Karina
  • It says "Pierrot escapes his boring society and travels from Paris to the Mediterranean Sea with Marianne, a girl chased by hit-men from Algeria. They lead an unorthodox life, always on the run" in the description
So. When we watched it up to 10th minute, Boyfriend decided to check who's the film's director as he completely forgot to do it before downloading it. BAM. It was Godard. I've never watched a single movie by Godard because I was told that I'm not gonna like it. Indeed I did not.

From the first moment I recognized the interiors. So colorful, they probably hired an interior designer. Then, I noticed Picasso's "Girl before the mirror" print hanging on the kitchen wall. I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Of course! The whole film is just one big Picasso painting (who I have no feelings about). It's abstract, it doesn't make sense, and it's colourful. Non-stop scenery changes, characters are always in action, something is constantly happening and nothing is happening at all. No semantic load with ~kewl~/~moody~ dialog insertions and ~mysterious~ phrase repetitions instead. "God, I know exactly this type of people who worship this kind of movies!" It's "you don't understand..." type of people. It's "Rothko paintings are so smart and calming" type of people, "the curtains represent his immense depression and his lack of will to carry on" type of people.

"I think, I'll get v upset if I meet the Godard fan" I said to Boyfriend. 
"I don't like people who like Godard's movies" Boyfriend wrote on Twitter.

We watched it up to 20th minute and then Boyfriend "moved it to trash". 2/10 for the interior design.

Monday, March 17, 2014


[google is no longer underlining hyperlinks, so from now on all links on this blog will be green and bold]

I'm a Fine Arts student now which means that I constantly think/dream about drawing/painting/making stencils and art books. I'm v busy right now yet so happy. I always wanted to be busy with something 24/7. That's why I started this blog, that's why I began to draw again (which helped me to build a portfolio and enroll in the BFA in Auckland). I always wanted to produce something with my hands, but there was no way I could let that energy go by itself, nor I could decide what should I do and how. There were always these thoughts that kept spinning in my head: it's meaningless. nobody needs it. am I just wasting my time? I needed help.

And now I have to do what I enjoy most in my life. They ask me to make art, giving me advice and marks in return?? All these 3 weeks I've been thinking that 4 years of studying FA will never be enough, like, can I stay for 10?

So, now I'm working on several big art projects simultaneously and it seems like I won't have much time for writing, but I don't consider quitting this blog either. I'll be trying to find time for it, like, if something important happens to me, or if I stumble upon (remember of) some cool artist whose works I want to discuss, I'll write a post about it. 

Today it's Todd Baxter.

He graduated from uni, worked as a photography and art teacher, travelled a lot, was an art director for quiet a time, shot for magazines etc. Tbh, I don't like all his commercial (at least the part presented on his website, but these are probably his best works so..), it's too gaudy for me. MI have to say more: I like him only for his last series called "Owl Scouts". And maybe, for a work or two from his conceptual photographs. He never published a book though!

O w l   S c o u t s

So Moonrise Kingdom! And it was shot 2 years before the release of the film! Anyway, I find it so comforting to look at all the scout costumes details, all the badges, ribbons and fur pieces. If you have a taste and you're a control freak like Wes, or Todd Baxter (or..or..or), your artwork will probably end up looking like this.

The owl badge is beyond amazing. And these big red beads in their scarfs, and the fox that holds the ribbon, only a complete perfectionist can make something that will look like this. I respect the perfectionists (/idealists) like pretty much no one else in the world. Especially when they're artists.

I like this one (he put an owl in a hole!):

And all the pictures below are my favorites:

Nya! Have a good er Tuesday? You already lived through Monday, so go and have a cup of.. anything you like. Yes.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Where are we?

Kia ora, guys! (just google)

We arrived to Auckland  and having a jet lag and a cultural shock after Tokyo. The first impression was like "Too many aggressive extroverts. People on the streets want something from you? *Brain collapses*". However, i'm feeling better today (is it because i haven't gone outside yet?), and it already seems to me that things are going to be ok in the nearest future (and the whole perspective looks pretty good). I mean, look at this new zealand passport holders visa requirements map!

My mornings will start (earlier than Boyfriend's which is nice, i don't like to/just can't sleep more then 5-6 hours) with a coffee to go, gum and a long-long walk up/down hills to my university. I compare my ~passion~ to coffee and gum to drinking alcohol / smoking cigarettes habits. I especially like chewing gum when i drink coffee, like some people smoke only when they drink duh. I even suspect that i chew gum in the same situations as smoking person would reach for a cigarette.

My first day as a Fine Arts student is tomorrow, so when just arrived, we went to look at what our places of study look like. Here's our favorite spot:

The clock tower (Old Arts Building) on the City campus

And here's the emblem of the University of Auckland: kiwi! stars! book with a cute cover!

Truth is, there's always been a problem between me and socialization. Even if i don't find anyone who i could be friends with, it would be perfectly fine if i could just stay by myself. The problem is that people don't usually leave you alone. They start asking you questions/making fun of you + you risk to be remembered/treated as a creep. And that's just how every public educational institution work, *sigh*.

Anyway, tomorrow i'll officially be a student, so today i want to write about another favorite artist of mine (it's supposed to help me not to feel nervous so much) whose art Boyfriend showed me when i first came to his apartment. 


i realized, i saw his work once when i was 15 but i didn't know who the author was and there was no google picture search back then. 

His skills is the first thing people talk about when they talk about Dino Valls. Actually, it often upsets me when I see attractive ideas but the technique is lacking. For example, all Shintaro Kago's drawings from the "Art of Shintaro Kagoseries (we have two complete collections of these little albums ^_^). He has several good looking posters, but the drawings from his albums are just 10-minutes sketches.

And sometimes, there's nothing but good skills which I also find depressing.

Dino Valls is nothing like that. He's a full set. He's flawless. I adore how he decided to imitate the techniques from the 15-17 centuries. He even uses egg tempera!

From now on I'll call myself a pagan, but only artists will be my gods.